WETsoftware builds Enterprise and Consumer Augmented Reality software applications for a variety of Industries and uses.

Our Wearable Eye Technology (WET) Patent Pending software applications provide an innovative fresh approach to interactive training and instruction with augmented reality (AR). We use a variety of technologies to provide a holographic mixed reality experience.

WETsoftware has developed a baseball simulator for professional baseball hitters and Umpires named WETbaseball BP. Also there is a working prototype for what we call WETcinema, adding mind bending 3D holograms inside your home or office to enhance your viewing experience when viewing a movie, TV show or Sporting event.  With the current pandemic we are excited about the possibilities we are able to create and deliver.

Concepts in the Medical, Education, Art and Music, Military, Sports (Football, Golf, Tennis, Hockey, etc) and Do it Yourself (DIY) Industries.

As a nationally certified MBE, WETsoftware is eager to discuss how Augemented Reality Applications is able to assist in creating unforgettable AR experiences for your target market.

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