Are AR headsets hampering the AR industry?

WETsoftware, LLC



May 16, 2019


Are AR headsets hampering the AR industry?

Augmented Reality is no doubt in its infancy. Several headsets are available that are capable of projecting items in the Viewers Field of Vision. We’ve seen AR technology on our smartphones with SnapChat figures dancing on tables and of course, PokeMon.

AR Headsets companies have flat out gone bankrupt. Brave pioneers, like Meta and ODG were necessary to show the capabilities of the technology, however, unfortunately, the marketplace wasn’t ready. The “build and they will come” strategy was executed, but ran out of time and subsequently money, before the public came. Venerable software tech veteran Microsoft with the Hololens 2 – is still in the game and clearly committed to with the new version of what is to compete against Magic Leap for adaptability. Apple is committed in their own way.

One issue with “build and they will come” strategy is that Headset companies must court developers to develop to the headset they build. Building applications within the vision of the headset engineers is the current “way that things are done”. Developing within the constraints of each headset, can limit the vision of the developer, especially in the AR headset world where, for example, having a tethered solution is not – ideal.

A new company in the AR space, WETsoftware, paid attention to the “state of things” and went about things a little differently by doing grassroots, gorilla market research and talk to experts in each field, collecting pain points and ‘wish lists’. CEO, and Founder Michael Ward says, “By understanding the technology capabilities and a Users needs, bridges can be made to create software that would benefit the User.”

With that simple premise, meaningful data comes out so the the design and requirements of the headset comes naturally. Software development requirements as well as future development requirements logically flow. WETsoftware is focusing on Education, Sports, Games, Diy, and Feature Films, and good ‘ol TV{smart tv}..

“The AR industry may be poise to take off when the right combination of things occur. We believe the right hardware/software combination will get it started. Practical applications and the right headset. We haven’t seen that yet. The architecture and Construction industries are moving along. Entertainment – a huge focus, is a small portion of where we see the AR market heading.” adds, Ward.

Headsets do not have a “reason to be” yet, and neither does the early software being produced. Practical utility and a practical headset may go a long way in the public adopting the technology, and in finding new ways and uses for the technology. Headset makers are forcing developers to create within the framework of the AR headset manufacturer which may be preventing the speed of new software for the AR industry. Firms like WETsoftware are working overtime to bring apps that have a benefit to the User in an effort to enhance society’s adoption of the AR technology beyond games.

WETsoftware, LLC is a stealth mode, bootstrapped Augmented Reality company building apps for a variety of industries. Formed in 2015, the Company has spent the first 2 years, doing market research to determine how the technology should be applied to enhance User benefit and advance the AR industry. .

Michael Ward, CEO is a 20+ Year Executive, Management Consultant, and Entrepreneur began in Financial Technology, Sales, Product and Business Development, to Management Consulting and on to Entrepreneur. Michael, a proven visionary and strategist, founded WETsoftware LLC. Solution and insane client driven focus with attention to detail and the bottom line have been key to his success.

WETsoftware, LLC

326 S Normandie Ave, 308

Los Angeles, CA 90020




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