About WETsoftware

WETsoftware was a recently stealth mode, bootstrapped, Augmented Reality company building software apps for a variety of industries. With Patent Pending status the company is anxious to share it’s AR technology. Formed in 2015, the company spent its first years, exclusively doing market research to determine:

  • how the technology should be applied to enhance user benefit
  • which industries to introduce the technology and advance the AR industry
  • which apps to begin to develop with given technology constraints

Having completing multiple prototypes and now with an Enterprise Client, the Company is poised to begin executing on its client acquisition strategy. and scale the company.

During the current pandemic, the company sees tremendous growth opportunities to advance the AR industry. 

Michael Ward, CEO Founder

15+ Year Management Consultant, and Serial Entrepreneur. Designed and Developed Global Trading System Nexa Technologies with over 10 Enterprise Engagements and 100’s of small business engagements.

After having an extremely successful small business career from start up to exit (Nexa was a start up and Purchased by a Public Traded Company), Michael spent time as a Entrepreneur with some successes and failures.

Successful Loan Modification and Consumer Advocacy business were profitable, and due to a volatile political environment, an immigration partnership was unable to launch. Insatiably curious, Michael has utilized all of his interactions and experiences to build WETsoftware to position itself as a market leader in the AR space. 

Using the vast experience from Global Engagements, Michael is a proven visionary, strategist, and lover of technology.   

Russ Boston

 A 15 year corporate executive with primary focus in Strategic Business Development (sales and operations) at a publicly traded Fortune 200 company. Russ has developed (Direct, Retail Distribution and Consumer) sales strategies in different markets and industry. Innovative, Russ has encouraged ancillary and vertical sales strategies successfully at the regional and national levels. A sales and operation veteran, Russ is poised to lead the firm’s growth into the future. 

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