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WETSportsBBP Whitesheet

WETSports Baseball Batting Practice

WETsports utilizes Augmented Reality(AR) with lifesize, holographic images, that replicate pitching motion, speed to present realistic pitching content that provides unprecedented benefits – 24/7. Lack of repetitions at the plate are always an issue with Batters, at every level, especially professional baseball. With our enterprise augmented reality app, we provide muscle memory training and a way to a competitive advantage over opponents.

What We Do

Our Wearable Eye Technology (WET) software applications provide an innovative fresh approach to interactive training and instruction with augmented reality (AR). We use a variety of technologies to provide a holographic realistic first person POV batting experience. The needed repetitions to build muscle memory are available 24/7, so training can be done to fit the Player’s lifestyle and daily routine. The benefit to the professional athlete is increases in skills that with our software, will provide the opportunity to optimize player value.

We know every MLB team uses data in their own unique way. WETsoftware is able to customize our functionality to meet your analytical data requirements.

We even have functionality to help Umpires call more accurate games as well.


  • State of the Art Holographic Headset
  • Accurate Ball Path and Speed
  • Realistic Holographic pitching motion
  • Proprietary Systems to optimize User experience
  • Stadium, Batting Cage, or Just the mound
  • Variety of Pitch types
    • Train to feel the difference between a pitcher’s fastball and change up.
  • Umpire View (with Batter)
  • Choose Number of Pitches
  • Move freely within the environment for a variety of angles of view
  • Train 24/7 – no internet connection needed (only for updates)
  • Easily incorporated into daily routine