Are AR headsets hampering the AR industry?

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May 16, 2019


Are AR headsets hampering the AR industry?

Augmented Reality is no doubt in its infancy. Several headsets are available that are capable of projecting items in the Viewers Field of Vision. We’ve seen AR technology on our smartphones with SnapChat figures dancing on tables and of course, PokeMon.

AR Headsets companies have flat out gone bankrupt. Brave pioneers, like Meta and ODG were necessary to show the capabilities of the technology, however, unfortunately, the marketplace wasn’t ready. The “build and they will come” strategy was executed, but ran out of time and subsequently money, before the public came. Venerable software tech veteran Microsoft with the Hololens 2 – is still in the game and clearly committed to with the new version of what is to compete against Magic Leap for adaptability. Apple is committed in their own way.

One issue with “build and they will come” strategy is that Headset companies must court developers to develop to the headset they build. Building applications within the vision of the headset engineers is the current “way that things are done”. Developing within the constraints of each headset, can limit the vision of the developer, especially in the AR headset world where, for example, having a tethered solution is not – ideal.

A new company in the AR space, WETsoftware, paid attention to the “state of things” and went about things a little differently by doing grassroots, gorilla market research and talk to experts in each field, collecting pain points and ‘wish lists’. CEO, and Founder Michael Ward says, “By understanding the technology capabilities and a Users needs, bridges can be made to create software that would benefit the User.”

With that simple premise, meaningful data comes out so the the design and requirements of the headset comes naturally. Software development requirements as well as future development requirements logically flow. WETsoftware is focusing on Education, Sports, Games, Diy, and Feature Films, and good ‘ol TV{smart tv}..

“The AR industry may be poise to take off when the right combination of things occur. We believe the right hardware/software combination will get it started. Practical applications and the right headset. We haven’t seen that yet. The architecture and Construction industries are moving along. Entertainment – a huge focus, is a small portion of where we see the AR market heading.” adds, Ward.

Headsets do not have a “reason to be” yet, and neither does the early software being produced. Practical utility and a practical headset may go a long way in the public adopting the technology, and in finding new ways and uses for the technology. Headset makers are forcing developers to create within the framework of the AR headset manufacturer which may be preventing the speed of new software for the AR industry. Firms like WETsoftware are working overtime to bring apps that have a benefit to the User in an effort to enhance society’s adoption of the AR technology beyond games.

WETsoftware, LLC is a stealth mode, bootstrapped Augmented Reality company building apps for a variety of industries. Formed in 2015, the Company has spent the first 2 years, doing market research to determine how the technology should be applied to enhance User benefit and advance the AR industry. .

Michael Ward, CEO is a 20+ Year Executive, Management Consultant, and Entrepreneur began in Financial Technology, Sales, Product and Business Development, to Management Consulting and on to Entrepreneur. Michael, a proven visionary and strategist, founded WETsoftware LLC. Solution and insane client driven focus with attention to detail and the bottom line have been key to his success.

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WETSportsBBP Whitesheet

WETSports Baseball Batting Practice

WETsports utilizes Augmented Reality(AR) with lifesize, holographic images, that replicate pitching motion, speed to present realistic pitching content that provides unprecedented benefits – 24/7. Lack of repetitions at the plate are always an issue with Batters, at every level, especially professional baseball. With our enterprise augmented reality app, we provide muscle memory training and a way to a competitive advantage over opponents.

What We Do

Our Wearable Eye Technology (WET) software applications provide an innovative fresh approach to interactive training and instruction with augmented reality (AR). We use a variety of technologies to provide a holographic realistic first person POV batting experience. The needed repetitions to build muscle memory are available 24/7, so training can be done to fit the Player’s lifestyle and daily routine. The benefit to the professional athlete is increases in skills that with our software, will provide the opportunity to optimize player value.

We know every MLB team uses data in their own unique way. WETsoftware is able to customize our functionality to meet your analytical data requirements.

We even have functionality to help Umpires call more accurate games as well.


  • State of the Art Holographic Headset
  • Accurate Ball Path and Speed
  • Realistic Holographic pitching motion
  • Proprietary Systems to optimize User experience
  • Stadium, Batting Cage, or Just the mound
  • Variety of Pitch types
    • Train to feel the difference between a pitcher’s fastball and change up.
  • Umpire View (with Batter)
  • Choose Number of Pitches
  • Move freely within the environment for a variety of angles of view
  • Train 24/7 – no internet connection needed (only for updates)
  • Easily incorporated into daily routine

With Major League Baseball’s streak of attendance declining, could augmented reality help revive Baseball?

WETsoftware, LLC




May 27, 2019


With Major League Baseball’s streak of attendance declining, could AR help revive Baseball?


LOS ANGELES — The days of the home run battles between Sammy Sosa and Mark McGwire were undeniably electric and engaging for the game of baseball. However, over the past 20 years, baseball’s stronghold as America’s pastime seems to be fading.

Fans want a dynamic, exciting experience, and Major League Baseball must address consistent drop off in attendance that has continued in the new season.

WETsoftware CEO Michael Ward believes augmented reality is a solution to baseball’s problem, using holographic training tools allowing batters to face pitchers before game day.

“With the advances in technology, batters are able to train for the specific pitcher they will face, life size and 60’ 6” away in their field of view facing 3D baseballs travelling at real speeds.” Ward said. “This should have an immediate impact on offense and energy.”


Is MLB on the going the opposite direction?


From Forbes, in an article on Why MLB Attendance Dropped Below 70 Million For The First Time In 15 Years by Maury Brown, the reasons are very clearly supported with data.

Aside from the way some teams calculate ticket sales, 13 teams saw increases in attendance and 17 teams saw decreases for an overall decrease of 4%, dipping below 70 million attendees.


Brown reveals:


“…for the first time in the league’s history, there were more strikeouts (41,207) than hits (41,019). This marked the 11th straight season that strikeouts increased from the season prior, and the league batting average was .248, the lowest since 1972.  And while batters were trying to swing for the fences, there were 5,585 home runs, down 9% from the 6,105 dingers in 2017.”

The concept behind holographic training is based on muscle memory. An athlete will increase muscle memory and probability of ball contact by lowering recognition, decision-making and reaction times during the batting process.  

“Repetitions are necessary and hard to get,” Ward said. “We attempt to replicate the batting process based on pitcher data. The point is – player’s studying a pitcher’s 95 mph fastball then an 80 mph change up, 300 times the day you face him, at breakfast, while stretching ,in short, during the pre-game routine, the hitter should do much better.”

WETsoftware also assists umpires, so they can call a more accurate game by positioning the User behind the catcher. With some questionable publicity here and here, this tech would be a welcome change. The features that have been created eliminate the need of the Umpire Robot Project.

“With strikeouts at an all time high, and attendance down, MLB is looking for answers,” Ward said. “We believe we have practical solutions to create more offense and energy in the game.”




About WETsoftware: WETsoftware is a stealth mode, bootstrapped, Augmented Reality company building software apps for a variety of industries. Formed in 2015, the company spent its first two years doing market research to determine how the technology should be applied to enhance user benefit. Completing multiple prototypes and now with an Enterprise Client product, the Company will begin executing client acquisition.  


About Michael Ward: Michael Ward, CEO, is a 15+ Year Executive, Management Consultant, and Entrepreneur who has worked in financial technology, sales, product and business development. A proven visionary and strategist, Michael created WETsoftware, with a goal of implementing AR into daily life with a solution- and client-driven focus.


About WETsoftware

Our Wearable Eye Technology (WET) software applications provide an innovative, fresh, approach to interactive training and instruction with augmented reality. We are focusing on disrupting the Sports Technology Industry by utilizing current 3D sensor technology and mobile Wearable Eye Technology.  We aim to do this by Professional Sports Enterprise engagements in Sports Fitness,Training/Instruction.  The company has built it’s software on the Microsoft Hololens Headset. The company feels it is the leading headset to prototype it’s technology.