WETsoftware creates, advises and develops AR applications for Enterprise and Consumer Users for mobile or headset use. WETsoftware focuses on Enterprise applications for the Microsoft Hololens headset. Our current focus are AR training apps for professional baseball and football players using life size holograms for more “reps” to build muscle memory.

WETsoftware AR Development & Advisory Services.

Would you like to know how AR applications can enhance your business? We can help you with a new level of connectivity with your clients and prospects. Let’s discuss what you would like to do and develop a Development Plan to execute and position your business for unforgettable client experiences. In the end, no matter – be remembered.

AR Advisory Services

Our team has researched various markets and understand value and User experience. Most AR applications are focused on the mobile environment – but tend to deliver short term gratification. There are ways to engage Users and provide long lasting memorable experiences – in retail, real estate and gaming that in our mind, have not been unlocked. and we have the ability to assist you in optimizing your AR project.

AR Development

WETsoftware, independent of our advisory services, has the ability to bring your AR project to life. If on a headset or mobile device – WETsoftware can deliver your project on time and on budget.

We build apps – we know how to develop AR apps from a perspective that you may never have thought was possible. Let’s get what’s in your head in AR!