The Metaverse and NFTs

At WETsoftware, the excitement of the Metaverse and NFTs are off the charts! With all the opportunities in the metaverse, and NFTs, WETsoftware is well positioned to be a provider of technology and add value to any metaverse.

As we are more than an AR software company we also are creating our own NFT, The Fuzzy Troll Clan(FTC). The NFTs will be used in our Metaverse Sports & Entertainment Complex – Baseball, Golf, Boxing, Tennis and more – shhh! Limited access events (think PPV!) The Casino will have a poker room, slots, Black Jack and Roulette. Our NFT holders will share in the revenue from the project so there is long term value and additional utility we will disclose later! We are preparing for an amazing future.

As WETsoftware is creating our NFT and working out the collab list. We are working to create some “life changing real world Utility” that will be attached to the NFT that you own. The Fuzzy Troll Clan is coming from under the bridge. And They Come As ONE.