After three years of research, WETsoftware has uses its patent pending technology to create SAAS Enterprise projects that are in development. Due to current hardware, WETsoftware builds its applications for the Microsoft Hololens Headset.

WETsoftwareBattingPractice (BP) is beta client ready, professional baseball batter training tool. A two dimensional image is above, and doesn’t reflect the amazing three dimensional User experience. (3D Holograms don’t look good in 2D).

WETsoftwarePlaybook(PB), a patent pending American Football prototype in development, really puts the User in “Madden” as a player with life size holograms of the team. WETsoftwarePB is a never before technique to use 3D holographic training tool for professional football players to learn the playbook, tendencies of upcoming opponents from both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. In addition to video, now there is a way to be IN the video with holograms on the Microsoft Hololens headset.

WETsoftwareHomeCinema(HC) is a patent pending prototype that adds never before ways of watching movies, sporting events, and TV shows. WETsoftwareHC, puts the User in the scene of the movie, in this example. The User when watching a movie views holograms that are introduced into the environment (living room) that match the run time of the movie. So now when watching a horror movie at a lake – when using WETsoftwareHC, the User will see the forest, lake, and cabin in relation to where they are in the movie, in essence putting the User IN the horror movie!

WETsoftware has other prototypes not yet in development, but are ready to have prototypes built in various industries, specifically, academia, sports, DIY, childhood education, Health/Hospital, as well Military Applications for training.

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